Maya Sarabhai on Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai
Maya Sarabhai on Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai

Today I was watching some episodes of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (because my job requires me to do such difficult things) and really, this show is a gift that keeps on giving. So after listing down Rosesh Sarabhai‘s epic poetry, here are 10 Maya Sarabhai burns you need to use as comebacks!

1) When she shut Indravadan down in the sassiest way possible!

Yaaas Queen!

2) When she bifurcated Monisha’s words in degrees of middle classiness.

Monisha Beta, yeh haila toh theek tha, but this haichi is categorically middle-class.

3) And proceeded to call her mouth a cave.

Jab tum kabhi kabhi ubaasi leti ho na bina mooh dhake, toh Ajanta-Ellora caves ki yaad aati hai

4) Really, when it comes to Monisha, Maya has no chill!

Maya: Good morning Sahil

Sahil: Good morning mom

Maya: Clinic jaane ke liye taiyyar?

Maya: Good morning Monisha

Monisha: Good morning mummy ji

Maya: TV dekhne ke liye taiyyar?


5) Starts a petition to make Maya Sarabhai start a ‘sass class’.

6) Sees millions of people signing my petition because OMG MAYA SO FUNNY!

Sahil: Late Mr Jaspal Singh had no heir-
Monisha: HAIR?! Jaspal mama ke toh bohot saare baal the, Sahil.
Maya: Monisha, hair nahi heir! The H is silent.
Indravardan: Yeh bakwaas language hai. Jab H istemaal nahi karna toh likhte kyun hai samaj mein nahi aata!
Monisha: Bekaar mein ek alphabet waste.
Maya: Iss mein bhi bachchat, Monisha?

7) Is it Maya or is this Satan? One never knows!

Sahil main ghar chod ke jaa rahi hoo – that’s sheer poetry to my ears.

8) “Don’t mind me beta, I’m just making a point”

9) Keepin it classy since the ’60s!

‘Kameena’, ‘Haramzada’ is all so pedestrian.

10) And finally, changing her daughter-in-law’s name because it sounded ‘middle classes’ #LikeABoss

Maya Sarabhai