Coldplay’s Chris Martin Had A Random Secret Gig In A Delhi Bar Last Night! WTF IS HAPPENING!?!

Priyam Saha
Chris Martin
Chris Martin

I have woken up to an extremely mind blowing piece of news. It’s only a miracle that I’m managing to type this out without caps lock, because what I’m feeling right now needs caps lock. In fact, I don’t think caps lock is going to cut it.

It all started with AIB’s Rohan Joshi Instagraming a video of Chris Martin from Coldplay playing at a Delhi bar. I will give you a moment to process the previous sentence.

And then he posted this picture!

Yup. THAT Chris Martin. Yup, that Delhi. A photo posted by Rohan Joshi (@mojorojo) on

Obviously, selfies were shared all over social media *stabs self*

A fan who was there (unlike you and I), sent a video to Buzzfeed India that they uploaded on their page:

The good people at @alittleanarkyfilms also shared video snippets from the night *continues stabbing self*

Vishal Dadlani solved the big mystery saying…

Yes yes! Chris Martin can just “go play somewhere” at a whim! WHAT IS HAPPENING!

Oh, and did I mention Freida Pinto was there too?

Vishal Dadlani, Freida Pinto, Chris Martin
Vishal Dadlani, Freida Pinto, Chris Martin

I have encircled Freida’s face with yellow because “Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, And everything you do, Yeah, they were all yellow”. *tears*

And in the bigger scheme of things, the AIB boys have had the last laugh… *death*

My reaction when I heard that Chris Martin was in Delhi apparently…

Priyam from Team MissMalini
Priyam from Team MissMalini

My reaction when I found out it was actually true…


And you know the worst part? I am from Delhi! I moved to Bombay three years ago and never have I regretted it more than this day. Like, I just about got used to the fact that living in Bombay, alcohol in my life is always going to come to me with higher taxes and now I have to wrap my head around the fact that Chris Martin just randomly goes around Delhi bars performing. The struggle is real.

For this round: Mumbai 0, Delhi 1.

In other news, I met a fabulous celebrity last night at a bar too…

Priyam Saha, Kalki Koechlin
Priyam Saha, Kalki Koechlin

I just felt the need to tell you guys that.

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