Chris Martin

Clearly we’re not the only ones who cannot deal with Chris Martin just randomly turning up at a Delhi bar and randomly singing Fix You and Paradise. I mean what are the odds right? He could have just turned up at Alfredos (Lokhandwala, Bombay) where I was drinking, or he could have just you know, informed us about his trip to Delhi and I could have flown there. Anyway, coming back to the point – MANY people had various reactions to this gig so we picked out the best ones just for you!

1) This girl perfectly described life with the help of All India Bakchod.

2) Because even Chris Martin is secretly a Bhai fan!

3) And a guy perfectly described Delhi in 140 characters.

4) Abhijit Majumder owned the Internet for at least a few minutes.

5) And Nigel Britto made us giggle.

6) We finally found out who the members of the Indian Iluminati were.

I knew Sheila Ki Jawani had a lot of hidden Illuminati references.

7) And the memories of Seinfeld getting canceled were brought back.

8) Really, life being described with All India Bakchod references is the new ‘when life gives you lemons’.

9) When Baba Sehgal was enough for us Bombay-ites (Not).

10) And AIB did this.

Source: Twitter @AllIndiaBakchod

11) Mika Singh had a surprisingly hilarious reaction!

Vishal Dadlani and Chris Martin
Source: Twitter @KingMikaSingh

12) And the Bobby Deol parody account won this round.

Bobby Deol
Source: Twitter @bobbydeol_

Nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard :'(