Varun Dhawan Admits That Salman Khan Helped Him Get Shuddhi!

Shreemi Verma , 03 Jul 2015
Varun Dhawan

The cast of Shuddhi is finally finalized and everyone and their grandpa knows that Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt have been signed as the leads of this much-awaited movie. Now in an interview to Filmfare, Varun admitted that it was Salman Khan (the second choice to play the lead in the movie after Hrithik Roshan walked out) who suggested Varun’s name after he left the movie too. Here’s what the young star said about his casting and his love for Salman:

Is it true Salman Khan suggested your name?

Yes he did, I think. He and Karan (Johar) did have a talk about it. Why Salman bhai is not doing the film, is his personal reason. When I signed the film, I spoke to Bhai first. He gave me his blessings. He also tweeted about it. (Smiles) I don’t know where he found that childhood picture of mine. But I have a relationship with him, which is beyond these things. But I’ll never do a film because someone has recommended me. I’ve to like the film. I’ve seen something of what Karan Malhotra has done. Only then I signed the film.

Aww! We hope his successful streak continues forever!

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