FIRST PHOTO: Mira Rajput's Stunning 23 Lakh Engagement Ring!

Rashmi Daryanani , 07 Jul 2015
Shahid Kapoor, Mubina Rattonsey, Mira Rajput
Shahid Kapoor, Mubina Rattonsey, Mira Rajput

You’ve heard before that Shahid Kapoor gave Mira Rajput an incredible 23 lakh solitaire ring for their engagement. Well, now that the wedding photos are finally pouring in on social media, we’ve got a glimpse of the ring – and yes, it IS gorgeous! Have a look below:

Mira Rajput's ring
Mira Rajput’s ring

This photo was posted by Mubina Rattonsey, a good friend of Shahid’s:

We can’t wait to see more pictures!

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