The Internet Has All Sorts Of Reactions To #ShahidKiShaadi!

Shreemi Verma , 07 Jul 2015
Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput (Source: Twitter @mubinarattonsey)
Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput (Source: Twitter @mubinarattonsey)

Shahid Kapoor has finally tied the knot with Mira Rajput and everyone has been obsessively checking the hashtag – #ShahidKiShaadi (that is now trending worldwide) and why wouldn’t they? One of the hottest and the most eligible bachelors of Bollywood got married to a lady in the most traditional way ever! Bollywood usually sticks to its exclusive club when it comes to love as well as friendship, that’s why it’s refreshing to see the gorgeous Shahid go for an adorable arranged marriage (yes, like Vivah). So check out how the Internet reacted to Sasha’s marriage right away!

1) East India Comedy’s Sahil Shah cracked the best joke on this wedding. By far.

2) Sneha couldn’t believe Shahid would even LOOK at anyone else, forget marry!

3) Mrs. Armaan Malik had a break-up playlist ready.

4) Too late Sakshi, you had a chance BEFORE the wedding!

5) Zoha was very happy for the couple.

6) Rohit as already made Mira his bhabhi (and no he’s not related to Shahid, we checked).

7) The first one always hurts, doesn’t it?

8) Ruchika loved the small and simple wedding Shahid and Mira wanted.

9) Priyanka knew he’ll be the perfect husband because he’s holding his wife’s hand! (Breaking News, I know)

10) Shahrukh was feelin’ what the lady was feelin’

11) Ishita felt cheated.

12) This guy basically mirrored my thoughts.

13) Aditi Mittal was dripping sarcasm with every syllable in her tweet.

14) Navamita informed the world that she still has Sidharth Malhotra (is it too late to tell her about Alia Bhatt?)

15) Siddhant turned this too into something #ShitIndianParents say.

16) Jini was very and extremely emotional, like most of the women in India today.

17) A Shanatic has made a folder already. This is not creepy. Not one bit.

18) And finally, the folks at Nollylatest TV have made good use of this popular hashtag, by pimping their own video.

Congratulations Shahid and Mira Kapoor, keep shining!


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