Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput | Source: @ShahidKapoor Twitter |Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput | Source: @ShahidKapoor Twitter |

Shahid Kapoor is married, you guys! And the media has been all over the place because COME ON IT’S SHAHID KAPOOR! Rashmi waited for 5 years to marry him, you know what I mean? So when he tweeted his thanks for all the wishes on Twitter, here’s how most of his fans reacted!

Here’s Shahid’s sweet and simple tweet.

So nice.

1) This girl didn’t want him to forget his fangirls.

2) Shahid’s sweetu wants them to keep smiling and shining.

3) One simple emoticon expressed so much more than 140 characters.

4) This was a guy whose reaction to the fan girls was perfect.

5) Rupali also reminded him to not forget his Shanatics


6) Abhishek’s wish was short and sweet.

7) Nomi was sad that she wasn’t invited.

So were we!

8) Umer had a crystal clear message for him.

9) Anita thought that Twitter was the ‘other’ side of Inbox

10) Deepali thought she could have changed his mind before he tied the knot

11)  Rakesh wanted to bring Shahid back to the ground.

Medal jeetne waali baat nahi okay Shahid?

12) Atish respects this monumental decision.

13) The most relevant reply to Shahid’s tweet yet.

14) And of course, the best one was saved for the last. Jab Me Met reference FTW Rashmi!

Congrats Shahid and Mira!