Amazing! Twinkle Khanna Talks About Trying Drugs!

Priyam Saha , 10 Jul 2015
Twinkle Khanna (Source |
Twinkle Khanna (Source |

I love Twinkle Khanna! She’s soon going from celebrity girl crush to celeb inspiration in my life. In a recent interview to Elle India, Twinkle spoke about her columns, her wit, her upcoming book and her future plans. The photographs from the cover story were absolutely amazing, but what was even more amazing was a particular quote that caught my eye. While talking about her 40s, she said:

I had a plan in my head, that I was going to be 60, move to Goa, try mind-altering substances and write. I had it down to having short nails, white hair and wearing only white kurtas. It just happened 20 years earlier! Not the substances, though. Maybe I’ll save those for when I’m about to die.

This woman <3

Here are 5 more amazing things Mrs. Funnybones said:

1. On ever winning a Booker Prize…

My name is Twinkle. I have no chance.

2.  On her first book she tried writing when she was 16…

It was called Maya And Magic, about the adventures of a girl who goes to live with her Aga Khani grandmother who is trying to get her married to different suitors. She tells her things like ‘Meenakshi Seshadri rejected this man, now you rush and get him!’

3. On Yoga and writing…

Yoga has helped calm me because I am a naturally aggressive, hyper person. And now writing, every single day, is having a similar effect. When you’re writing you go away from yourself. You’re dealing with your mind but it’s not really about you, it’s a whole other universe. I feel almost completely at peace, in that hour or two that I spend.

4. On husband Akshay Kumar…

Our ideologies are very different. The things that we talk about are very different. But we look up to each other for our different abilities. I do point out things in his films that, as a man, he might not pick up on. But he’s then free to do what he wants with that information. It’s the same the other way around.

5. On Akshay being her first editor…

My husband is very proud of me. He’s the first to read my column when I’m done. He’s removed the word ‘Pakistan’ from at least five of them, and ‘catholic priest’ from the last one. It’s a good thing! Left to my own devices I could get into a lot of trouble.

Twinkle, you are a star! <3

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