Chetan Bhagat
Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat finally said something we’ve all been thinking but didn’t really talk openly about. The writer recently wrote an article for a leading daily, titled “Anatomy of an internet troll: How social media birthed a strange new phenomenon in India, the bhakts.”

Sound pretty controversial already, right? He basically, wrote about the small part of the Modi government that is very sensitive to the opinions generated on social media. What started with Sagarika Ghose calling them ‘Internet Hindus’ after they attacked her, he now calls them ‘bhakts.’

Here are 4 points he made about the ‘bhakts’ on social media:

1) They are all Hindus, but not all Hindus are them

They are not all VHP members. Some of them don’t even identify with the Hindu cause, they call themselves nationalists instead.

2) Their inferiority complex

They have weak communication skills, particularly in English. This in turn leads to a bit of an inferiority complex, of not being cool or sophisticated enough in a fast changing, globalising world.

3) Their struggle with the opposite sex

They are generally not good at talking to women. As a result, they are unlikely to know how to behave with them or woo them. They do desire women, but can’t get them. In other words, if i may say so, they are sexually frustrated with no way of getting it.

4) Their sense of shame

Deep down they know that Hindi-speaking Hindus are among India’s poorest.

Overall, summarizing his whole point, he called them FACIMs – “They are not Modi bhakts; they are simply Frustrated And Complex-ridden Indian Males (FACIMs, pronounced fai-kims, not to be confused with the curse word you may want to use on them)”

But what caught our eye and created a stir on social media were his suggestion to these bhakts:


Kudos to Chetan for sharing his thoughts! What do you guys think about it?