Wow! Can You Guess Who Has Composed And Featured In The Title Track Of Welcome Back?

Aayushi Bhargava , 13 Jul 2015
John Abraham and Shruti Hasan
John Abraham and Shruti Haasan

Welcome is back guys with its sequel Welcome Back. Have you watched the trailer yet? If not, then you have to because this one just gets better!

Check it out!

Hilarious, right? We are pretty sure that the title track of the movie will be as awesome as the first one’s – especially because Mika Singh has composed it. The singer will not only be singing it but also featuring in the song along with the movie’s stars.

John Abraham, Mika Singh and Shruti Hasan
John Abraham, Mika Singh and Shruti Haasan

We love all his songs and expect this one to be nothing less than perfect!

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