Manish Malhotra's Instagram page
Manish Malhotra’s Instagram page

We all have that one friend who is in almost ALL our Instagram pictures. Most times it’s your BFF, sometimes it’s your boyfriend – either way, this person is your #InstaBae. A picture isn’t perfect without him/her in it and when you’re out partying, that #SquadGoals picture is mandatory. It isn’t just us mortals who do it this way. Designers, celebrities, musicians – they all have their own #InstaBaes and for Manish Malhotra, it’s Kareena Kapoor Khan. How do I know? Well I went through all (that’s 365) his posts on Instagram and who was in most of these pics? Yep, Miss Kareena Kapoor! He does have A LOT of celebs on it, but Kareena is definitely on top, take a look…

When he called her his muse

The one from that exclusive afterparty

That free time between shots

That time just Sridevi wasn’t enough

Pouting lessons

Level: Novice

Pouting lessons pt. 2

Level: Expert

When the party didn’t happen unless there was photographic Kareena evidence

When the party was so good, just one Kareena picture wasn’t enough

Third time’s a charm

That time they let Alia Bhatt sit with them

See! If that isn’t an #InstaBae, then I don’t know what is!