Uh Oh! Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Have A Twitter Argument!

Uh Oh! Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift Have A Twitter Argument!

Aayushi Bhargava
Source: Instagram @taylorswift
Source: Instagram @taylorswift

The nominations of the MTV VMA 2015 are already out! And we all know that Taylor Swift is leading the nominations as always. But her lead doesn’t belittle anyone else’s accomplishments (obviously) who managed to make it to the list.

Seems like despite getting a nomination for Anaconda as the Best Hip Hop Video, Nicki Minaj couldn’t help but criticize MTV for not nominating her video in the Video of the Year category which also had Taylor’s Bad Blood. She said:

After some time she again tweeted:

She then let her confidence shine through:

While some thought that this is another catfight in the making, it looks like Tay was in no mood to start a twitter war amidst her nominations’ revelry. Hence she handled it quite maturely:

But turns out, it was a fight that was actually ignited by the fans and media. Because after hearing the news of a catfight Minaj tweeted:

To which Swift replied:

If you thought this was the end, then you’re wrong. Because this story too has umm… a sidekick, better known as Kim Kardashian – who tweeted something which we are all familiar with (although she later took down)…

Source: Twitter | Kim Kardashian
Source: Twitter | Kim Kardashian

Ring a bell? The time when Kanye West took the mic from Taylor after she won an award for You Belong With Me and expressed how Beyonce‘s Single Ladies deserved it more – he had said:

Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you and
I’mma let you finish, but

Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!

Like, okay bro!