Divyanka Tripathi
Divyanka Tripathi

When popular television actress Divyanka Tripathi parted ways with her long term boyfriend, Ssharad Malhotra, many of their fans were left heartbroken. But the actress seems to be in a happy place post her break up and therefore, her loyalists aren’t really complaining! However, everyone does want to see her find her happy ending soon! But it seems she is slightly apprehensive about getting into a relationship with an actor. Perhaps that’s because she was seeing an actor before and we all know that things didn’t really end on a nice note. While talking to a leading daily, she revealed:

In relationships, you can’t decide (your partner’s) profession. He could be from any walk of life. Right now, I am slightly sceptical of actors, but I believe in never say never.

She further added:

I am still a hard-core romantic. I am waiting for the right person who wants my love. I meant to get married. I realized my worth post-break up. I have changed as a person. Today, I am more independent and I am happy being myself. I have realized that life is not about being in a relationship but living the way you want to.

You go, girl!