Interestingly enough, the title of this post became quite a point of contention among Team MissMalini because many contents of this list were not fitting in everyone’s collective definition of feminism. But that’s the thing about feminism today… like Kalki Koechlin puts it so aptly: “This term ‘feminism’ has been bastardised to the point where the average girl doesn’t want to be associated with it. But it’s not what feminism stands for that’s the problem-it’s the damn stigma that’s synonymous with it.”

Bollywood has often been criticized for being an anti-feminist and I agree with that point of view on most days. However, I’ve attempted to compile a list of lyrics from good ol’ Bolly that’s making my feminist heart dance with joy. This is not to say that the entire song is a feminist one – but that some lyrics, in particular, send out a fairly positive.

1. Aao Raja

Kundi mat khadkao raja… Seedha andar aao raja… Phool bicha perfume laga ke, mood banao taaja taaja…

She’s sexy, she’s firm, she knows what she wants him to do and she’s not afraid to ask. Consent is king here too!

2. Sheila Ki Jawani

Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya, main toh khud se pyaar jataun…

You tell them, sistah!

3. Kinare

Jo chhoti si har ek neher saagar bann bhi jaaye, koi tinka le ke haath mein dhoondh lenge hum
kinaare… Khud hi toh hain hum kinaare…

That’s beautiful :’)

4. Patakha Guddi

O jugni o.. patakha guddi o… nashe mein udi jaaye re haaye re sajje khabbe dhabbe killi o!


5. Mungda Mungda

Mangta hai toh aajaa, Rasiya… nahi toh main yeh chali…

Which losely translates to: “Take it or leave it, honey!”

6. Hungama Ho Gaya

Dekho na logon ne botalo ki botalein khatam kar di toh kuch na hua… Magar… Maine hotho se lagayi toh hungama ho gaya!

Like, what’s the big deal? Let the lady drink!

7. Chhaliya Chhaliya

Bikhare dil ka main haal hoon, aur ghaalib ka main khayaal hoon…

Of course you are, baby!

8. Chalein Jaise Hawayein

Chalein jaise hawayein sanan sanan, udein jaise parinde gagan gagan, jayein titliyan jaise chaman chaman, yun hi ghoomoo main bhi magan magan…

Amirta Rao‘s only biggest contribution to Bollywood.

9. Banno Tera Swagger

Gunn chhatteeson gold hain tere, na silver na copper… haath lagaa de jis subject pe, usme nikle topper!

Like, duh!

10. Aaj Main Upar

“Aaj main upar, aasmaan neeche… aaj main aage, zamaana hai peechhe!”

Warms my heart even after all these years! <3

Which one is your favourite?