Hrithik Roshan, Freida Pinto
Hrithik Roshan, Freida Pinto

A while ago, Hrithik Roshan watched Desert Dancer starring Freida Pinto and he was so impressed with it that he tweeted saying:

Clearly, the actor loved the film but he also couldn’t stop raving about Freida’s performance in it. In fact, he had even tried calling her to congratulate her but she missed his call. And this is what her posted to reach out to her:

And that’s when many started wondering why the actress was ignoring him! But of course, she wasn’t. As she is not very active online, she sent out an official statement saying:

Gosh why would I ignore him? We’ve had a lovely email exchange. I did miss his call because I was travelling but it’s very kind and humble of him to make sure his congratulatory note reached me. In fact, it was some his fans and followers who are my friends who urged me to read his tweet. I’m very thankful to him especially since dance and respect for this art form is an inherent part of who he is. He has inspired me to continue pursuing expression through movement in my career.

Whoa. Now that these guys are exchanging emails, I hope these guys should be signed for a film together! I can imagine how hot these guys will look together on celluloid!