#Fact: This Lipstick Looks Better Than Any Other You’ve Ever Seen!

#Fact: This Lipstick Looks Better Than Any Other You’ve Ever Seen!

Anushka Mulchandani

Everyone’s red soled hero is on a roll! Christian Louboutin launched Beaute Louboutin last year with a range of nail polishes. Packaged in the coolest bottle you’ve seen, and priced higher than any other polish you’ve ever bought, this was one every girl wanted as a part of her collection almost automatically. Next up was his collection with Sabyasachi that hit the runway at the recently concluded India Couture Week. Soon to be a Bollywood favourite, I can’t wait to see which celebrity wears these first. Hot on the heels of these eye catching collections is something he calls Louboutin Charme. A line of lipsticks that looks something like this…

Official pictures aren’t available yet, but the beauty/fashion addict that I am, I found them on Instagram and had to share!

Ok one last picture to drool at and I’ll stop…

Is it a pendant, a weapon, a lipstick? Well in this case, it’s all three. According to Refinery29, the collection comes in 36 shades, red being the foremost one and in a number of textures. The collection is set to hit stores in September and if there is a God out there, one of those lippies will find its way to my makeup kit as soon as it does #WorthAShot.

If you feel the need to look at even more pictures, look up #LouboutinCharme on Instagram – you’re welcome!