Weight’y Matters: Losing Weight Is All In Your DNA!

MissMalini - Advertorial , 10 Aug 2015
DNA Salad
DNA Salad

No ‘body’ is born perfect, not even our Bollywood celebrities. Many of them have transformed from overweight to fit after going through a rigorous fitness regime. Stardom lured them to chase starry dreams, and so they shed their excess weight to make it to Bollywood!

However, not everyone is lucky enough to have the time, energy and motivation to pursue a strict diet or fitness plan with 100% commitment. Everyone wants to look and feel good but time is a big constraint which holds people back. Let’s face it, health always takes a back seat.

New Year resolutions to lose weight, crash course diets, miracle guides to weight loss… we’ve heard it all. But at the end of the day, losing weight requires sheer dedication, and being well informed.

The first thing to know is that getting in shape is subjective. Your friend may have the same dietary habits and workout regiment as yourself, but how does she manage to stay trim while you’re struggling to shed those kilos?

Many intricate details determine the best method to keep your excess weight in check. A personalized exercise schedule can deliver maximum results, when coupled with complimentary nutrition to fuel the process.

A DNA Slim program, available at VLCC, is the very latest in weight loss science. Based on DNA analysis, it helps create customised weight loss programs with far greater accuracy. It’s a simple cheek swab test which can be taken at any VLCC centre, based on which experts from VLCC plan your weight loss program.

So if you’re still not satisfied after following a series of strict diets & gym routines, check out this new form of getting fit to find a solution that’s customised to your body and needs!

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