You Won't Believe What Made An Escalator At The Vogue HQ Break Down

Anushka Mulchandani , 14 Aug 2015

Do you know what that is? It’s the underside of a Christian Louboutin pointy-toe pump stuck in the gap of an escalator. And it’s not just ANY escalator. The shoe that could make you broke on buying it, got stuck in the escalators at the American Vogue HQ. Apt, isn’t it? Nareesha McCaffery had a meeting at Teen Vogue‘s office yesterday and she decided to, unwillingly, leave behind a souvenir in the form of a single Louboutin heel. Refinery29 reported the hilarious situation and here’s what Nareesha’s Instagram said,

Great meeting at @TeenVogue … I left you guys a souvenir. RIP my @louboutinworld it just died at the Condè Nast

Of course the Condè Nast account, as well as some of their employees, were quick to take pictures of the incident and post them up…

As Refinery29 put it, Christian Louboutin breaks more than just your bank account! #MajorLols

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