This Young Lady Publicly Undresses In Broad Daylight And It's OH So Inspiring.

Mishti Shirke , 18 Aug 2015
Jae West
Jae West

Body positivity advocate Jae West took to the streets when she stripped down to her underwear and bra on Piccadilly circus in London. Who in their right minds would bare all, on a public street, then blindfold themselves and just stand there for EVERYONE to see? Well, that’s exactly what West did. She blindfolded herself and stood with her arms outstretched in nothing but her underwear and bra, holding a few markers with a board resting on her legs. The board read,

“I’m standing for anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder like me … to support self-acceptance, draw a [heart] on my body.”

Despite having dealt with an eating disorder throughout high school and college, Jae was brave enough to bare all in a bid to encourage women of all shapes, sizes and colours to love their body. Take a look at this video and be inspired!

Though onlookers are hesitant at first, it isn’t long before men, women and children all swarm this brave young lady with support in the form of hearts all over her body, hugs and words of encouragement. A huge round of applause for this hero. Oh, and that hug from the police man at the end is just heart-warming. :’)

Don’t you think?


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