7 Cool Ideas To Make Your Shaadi Extra Special! #FutureOfWeddings

Swagata Dam , 26 Aug 2015
Source: The Wedding Filmer
Source: The Wedding Filmer

Everyone is getting married. It’s true! From your Facebook timeline to your neighborhood banquet hall – you will see someone or the other tying the knot almost every day. And each of these brides and grooms is going to have the memory of their wedding day etched in their hearts FOREVER! But I’m sure they also want it to be a memorable experience for the guests who attend their shaadi. Hence, I’m sure when YOU walk down the aisle, you want it to be a standout celebration; not just another cookie-cutter wedding that no one’s going to remember. Hence, here are a bunch of crazy cool ideas for your ‘It’ wedding!

1. Pick A Theme!

Heavenly wedding set ups

“Is it in an AC hall or an open lawn?” When your friends ask you that, just smirk and say, “You will see.” Pick a location that mirrors your individualistic taste. And then opt for a theme that defines you the best or you fancy the most. If you are a filmy soul like me, you can choose to have a Bollywood themed wedding. If you love the magic of the old world charm, a vintage themed nuptial should be your pick. It would consist of intimate gatherings, elegant outdoor ceremonies and antique decor. The 1920s theme would have a lot of pearls and lace and jazz music playing in the background. And if you are a Gen-X couple who reflect modernity, you can opt for all things new-age!

2. Get Captured By The Drones


Bye bye photo booths! The drones are here. Also known as unmanned aircraft, drones are SUPER COOL. It will add a festive vibe to your wedding and the stunning aerial shots of your special day are something that you shouldn’t miss out on. Let your love soar to new heights! Plus, don’t forget to decide a wedding hashtag that your guests can use while posting the clicks online.

3. Nostalgia Corner

IP Royal Wedding Expo (59)

A marker, a Polaroid camera, a message bowl and a scrapbook – viola, this corner is ready! You may want it to be a curtained corner that is accessible only to your nearest and dearest ones – your BFF, your old school pals et al. They will scribble down things that will make you smile years later and these pictures, the scrapbook and those message notes will always be your treasure trove.

4. Have An Artist Paint Your Shaadi


Yes, photos are great. But wouldn’t it be AMAZING to have an artist weaving magic with his paint brush at your wedding? Plus, how often do you see this happening? It will definitely leave everyone in awe and that painted canvas is going to look perfect in the bedroom of your new home.

5. A Surprise Flash Mob


Make a private Secret group on Facebook if you all can’t meet regularly to rehearse for this and share videos. While practicing your Sangeet performances, also get your choreographer to teach you some simple steps to a fun number! Right after the wedding rituals or in the middle of the reception (when you are bored of standing on the stage and smiling for pictures), start dancing. Let your friends and cousins break into a jig one by one and then join them in the end. A dancing bride and a grooving groom – Yay!

6. The Prettiest Wedding Cake


The wedding cake choice is rooted in the couple’s favourite destination, the cake they ate together when they were dating, their favourite tea flavour or their favourite fragrance etc. Lacing and metallic elements can make your cake look super stunning. And while you rock your stylish wedding outfits, your wedding cake will complement you perfectly! Also, handpick the menu keeping the flavour of the season and your wedding theme in mind.

7. Dazzling Decor!

EO_00 (102)

From cute pinatas to gorgeous floral arrangements (you can even get edible flowers!), from candles and chandeliers to a trendy seating area – pay attention to the look of the venue. Make sure it is exquisite enough for the most important day of your life.

Wondering how exactly will you manage to have all these things at your wedding? Marriott India is at your rescue! They put forth a plethora of offerings to be the perfect companion to create your dream wedding. They have been a vanguard in creating new benchmarks in contemporary weddings with a traditional touch. With an elaborate brand portfolio ranging from Courtyard by Marriott and Fairfield to JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton; Marriott India is ready to give you an absolute luxury experience in your budget! The Patisseries across all Marriott India properties have pastry chefs whose artistic mind and crafty hands give you the most innovative weddings cakes customised to your needs. And they even have their own wedding planners, who leave no stone unturned in giving their clients the best they can offer!

So all the brides and grooms-to-be out there, you know who can help you in planning and executing your dream wedding!

This post is in partnership with Marriott India.

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