Lisa Haydon Holidaying In Turkey With Her Hunky Boyfriend!

Swagata Dam , 28 Aug 2015
Lisa Haydon
Source: Twitter @HaydonLisa

Accompanied by the caption, “On and on! Cz all you need is ️♥,” B-town hottie and supermodel, Lisa Haydon recently shared a rather romantic photo on Instagram. In case you don’t know who this gentleman is, it is her boyfriend, Dino. Don’t they look so cute (and hot!) together?

Lisa and Dono | Source: @LisaHaydonOfficial Instagram |
Lisa and Dono | Source: @LisaHaydonOfficial Instagram |

The duo was holidaying in Turkey and Greece and from what it looks like, they seem to have had a great time there! In an interview to The Asian Age dated July 18th, she had said:

I don’t like sharing my personal life because it is something that is not up for debate. I am not going to be coy, shy or weird about it. I think we should carry on with our lives being as natural as we can and without hiding anything… He’s a lovely gentleman.

She had also introduced MissMalini to her beau during this year’s IIFA in Malaysia. Watch this video!

Aww, these two! <3

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