11 Times Rahul Khanna Was Basically Sex On Legs

Shreemi Verma , 29 Aug 2015
Rahul Khanna (photo courtesy: Credit : Sheetal Mallar)
Rahul Khanna (photo courtesy: Credit : Sheetal Mallar)

Where are you, Rahul Khanna? Okay, I know you’re kicking ass in The Americans and I watch the show ONLY to see your handsome face. But sometimes I miss it, so I just go through your Instagram account to make myself feel better. I know many others do the same thing. Those of you who don’t, please check out his sexiest pictures and make stalking him on social media one of the things to do every day.  Here are the 11 times the man looked like sex on legs!

1) When he looked adorable even when he made faces reserved for clowns.

2) When he gave us a glimpse of that stubble.

3) When he was the only man who could pull off bright yellow gym clothes.

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Putting the sun in an Easter Sunday workout.

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4) When he smirked like he knew exactly what we were thinking

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Bow untied.

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Things that are too explicit to state here.

5) When he went hiking without a shirt

6) Or just leaned against the wall, not caring about the effect he was having on us.

Do you have no consideration, Mr. Khanna?

7) Look at him, clicking selfies and all.

Why he gotta be so cute?

8) When he thought that running on a beach will do nothing to our heart rate.

He thought wrong, we’re dying.

9) When every red blooded female (and males) wanted to join him in this pool.

10) When he schooled Barney Stinson on ‘suiting up’

11) And finally, when he was cuddling this adorable doggy!

Oh my.

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