Shah Rukh Khan Helped THIS Guy Get A Date - And It's The Most Epic Thing Ever

Rashmi Daryanani , 31 Aug 2015
Shahrukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

The Internet is a glorious, glorious place. Many months ago, a fan tweeted Shah Rukh Khan with a simple request – “Sir, please help me ask a girl to prom.” But SRK being SRK, he had to have a witty response to that. I remember laughing out loud when I first saw their exchange back in April, because it’s hilarious and just freakin’ cool. Take a look:

Well, I thought that was the end of that, but apparently not! Back in June, the same guy tweeted SRK again. This bro here was all like #ChallengeAccepted and went ahead and asked her anyway:

Like, hello?!?! Where were boys like this when I was in high school?

The tweet just came to SRK’s notice, and he responded giving some sane advice to the boy – months later, but relevant as always, yes? :)

Ah, young love. <3

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