3 Interesting Things Katrina Kaif Said About Actresses Getting Paid Less Than Actors

Priyam Saha , 03 Sep 2015
Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif has been out and about for Phantom promotions, and this is probably the most we’ve heard her talk in a while because she’s usually elusive to the media. In a recent interview to IANS, she spoke about the wage gap between male and female actors in Bollywood.

Here are 3 things she said:

1. On why producers pay actors more…

An actor, male or female needs to be paid according to the budget, structure and the set up of the film. If you are paying (a lot to) an actor who is going to give you a 90 per cent guarantee of recovering say Rs.150 crore, I can understand that as a producer, why they are paying them that much.

2. On why the wage gap exists…

We have yet to see enough films that have guaranteed the producer that ‘x’ amount of money can be paid upfront to the actress.

3. On what actresses can do…

The actress can add a clause like if the film makes ‘x’ amount, then pay me ‘y’ amount. If the film crosses Rs.100 crore, then you pay me Rs.20 crore… You clearly state all these things in the contract, so that the actor and the producer, both are safe.

Do you agree with her?

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