13 Times The Hashtag #90sBaccheyRemember Made Us REALLY Nostalgic!

Shreemi Verma , 04 Sep 2015
Phantom Sweets
Source: Tumblr.com

Guys! This one trending topic on Twitter is giving me a major nostalgia trip! Indians born in the ’90’s are tweeting about the things they remember from their childhood and it’s breaking my heart because THINGS HAVE CHANGED SO MUCH! Check them out and cry with me.

1) ‘Main samay hoo’

2) Damn you, caller IDs!

3) Govinda was the number one man in our world.

4) And of course, Uncle Chips and Frooti were the things we survived on.


6) Too true this one.

8) I was Blossom, always!

9) Hi main Sanju, meri secret hai magic pencil. You remember?

10) The one menu we’d never tire of.

11) Yum.

12) The reason I failed maths (could understand NOTHING).

13) And lastly, the best part about my Sunday mornings and afternoons!

Good times, good times.

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