Guess Who Made A Special Appearance With Badshah!

Guess Who Made A Special Appearance With Badshah!

Kanika Monga

Like we already mentioned before, Akshay Kumar, Madhuri Dixit, Prabhu Deva, and Sonakshi Sinha toured the US. With Sonakshi’s amazing workcation and cute fangirl moment, we needed to know what else happened in the States. Did you know that Badshah also joined the crew for the tour? Here is an exclusive interview with the Badshah of Hip-Hop!

1)  What did you REALLY think of Chipotle?

I think it (Chipotle) was considerably ok. I had heard so much about it!! Unfortunately, my crew member Uchana was absolutely not impressed. It’s difficult for anything to match up to apna Butter Chicken. – Badshah

2) Is Adidas your favorite brand?

Yes. I wear a lot of Adidas. I am a follower. – Badshah
Badshah with Kanika after the show

3) How did you feel after the crowd’s amazing reaction to #DJWaleyBabu?

It was a tremendous experience. Way beyond our expectations. It’s amazing to see how music travels through miles into people’s hearts. Akshay paji already loved the song and he specifically wanted to be a part of the performance!! The reception of Dj Waley Babu throughout has been a surreal experience. – Badshah
Oh it was mind-blowing crazy!! Dj Waley Babu will always be the closest to my heart because its my first music video and I am extremely lucky that Badshah Bhai gave me a chance to be a part of it. It’s one thing to see the song being loved on Youtube and topping charts and radio and all that, but travelling across the globe to see an audience bringing such a phenomenal response to the song is so awesome. And then to see Superstars like Sonakshi, Madhuri Ma’am and the greatest Akshay Sir grooving to your song… Bliss – Aastha Gill


Brace yourselves…Manj Musik made a surprise appearance!

The surprise performance was all last minute. Akshay paji asked me if I was around the U.S during that weekend. I happened to be in Toronto and said that I would love to fly down to the States for it. I knew paji would want to do the usual hits like Aja Mahi, Lal Ghaghra, and Dhoor, so we planned it out accordingly. I was sitting in the crowd like a spectator and then popped up on stage. Akshay and I flooded the stage along with Dholi Deep (from Houston). The crowd was absolutely pumped.  After performing DJ Waley Babu and Dhoor we ran into the crowd. That’s something Akshay and I always do during our performances. It is always a pleasure!- Manj
Akshay Kumar, Badshah, and Manj
Manj paji was a great surprise. He has truly represented Punjabi Music in Bollywood with all his might. Akshay Kumar is a Star (in every sense of it). He’s funny, an extremely hard worker, and so much more. And the fact that he loves my music is the cherry on top. You will definitely see more of us together soon. – Badshah

No prizes for guessing that Adidas is Aditya Singh aka Badshah’s favorite brand! From the airport to onstage, Mr. Singh stayed loyal to his favorite brand. When Aastha Gill started the vocals for their latest tune, the crowd went crazy. Everyone pulled out their cell phones and snapchatted the amazing performance. She killed it. People even got out of their seats and the place converted to a dance floor with everyone singing along with the lyrics. DJ Waley Babu.. mera gaana to chala do!

If all this excitement was not enough for the audience.. Manj Musik came on the stage! Badshah, Manj and Akshay Kumar, sang together and the energy was contagious. What collaboration would you be most excited to see?