5 Unusual (But Awesome) Things I Recently Discovered In Delhi!

Nicole Teresa Juneja
The Unusual Table
Source: Facebook | Anamika Singh |

Isn’t it fun when your city surprises you! When you come across new places, new experiences…

Not too long ago, I had to take an ink blot test to ‘prove’ how unusual I am. That’s how Food Talk India and Hendrick’s Gin chose the guests for their dinner event, called The Unusual Table at A Ta Maison. It included the perfect (gin soaked!) menu, 10 strangers, 10 blindfolds, 2 hosts, and a great evening.

I’ve also loved trying samosas stuffed with pizza at Social Offline, chuskis served in mini pressure cookers at Indian Accent, and punching in secret codes at PCO to get in for a drink. Most recently, I smashed an egg to find a party invite inside, thanks to Chef Nuria Rodriguez (PS: she’s the Project Director at Imperfecto and the newly-opened Informal).

Clearly, this city has a lot of cool quirks. So here’s a list of some of the unusual things I’ve recently discovered… New normal?

Rapid Heroes To The Rescue!

Rapid Toto
Source: Facebook | Rapid Toto |

Craving a slice of Big Chill’s Banoffee Pie? Or need to deliver a package across town, but no wheels? Well, worry no more because Rapid Toto will pick up and deliver anything, anywhere! And the charges are super reasonable.

Click here to see their rate card and get more details.

(Delhi) Rock It

Delhi Rock
Source: Delhi Rock

Bored of regular gyms? Then check out Delhi Rock. Members can try rock climbing, aerial ropes, rush fit and acro yoga, all in the same week! It’s a different workout every day and trust me, each one is intense and effective.

Click here for more details.

Escape Reality

This cool joint called CTRL SHIFT ESC offers a real-life escape experience! The players are trapped in a room with hidden clues, puzzles, with only 60 minutes to crack the codes and escape! Sherlocked, anyone?

Click here for more details.

Crushing On Cold-Pressed

Cold Pressed
Source: Little Black Book Delhi

If you agree that health is wealth, then it’s time to load up on these cold-pressed concoctions! Cool companies like Raw Pressery and Allnut are offering all things cold-pressed, fresh and wholesome. These drinks are high on the health chart and delivered right at your doorstep.

Click here for more details about Raw Pressery and here for Allnut.

Delhi By Cycle

Delhi By Cycle
Source: Delhi By Cycle

Seriously! A great way to explore the little pockets of the city, Delhi By Cycle offers guided cycle tours (in English), for groups of people. They have several tour options and even provide the cycles.

Click here to check out their rate card and tour options.

This post is in partnership with Little Black Book, Delhi.

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