10 Real Girl Outfits From New York Fashion Week That You Need To Try

10 Real Girl Outfits From New York Fashion Week That You Need To Try

Anushka Mulchandani

It’s that time of the year, people! New York Fashion Week is in full swing and no, I’m not there but my Instagram is keeping me fully updated. Apart from looking at all the beautiful styles walking down the runway, I’ve been bookmarking all the outfits that bloggers and fashionistas have been sporting.

Leandra Medine, Chiara Ferragni, Rumi Neely, Laurel Pantin, Eva Chen – all have their distinct styles, are heavily involved in the fashion world and they always put on something to take inspiration from. Take a look at our favourites…

1. Chiara Ferragni (Blogger)

She may be wearing some of the most expensive brands out there – DvF, Hermes, but how easy-to-wear is that outfit!?


2. Laurel Pantin (Writer & Stylist)

Laurel’s carefree look isn’t only easy to get, it comes without the need to use any hair products whatsoever, and how much does everyone love that!?

3. Leandra Medine (Blogger)

She prides herself in wearing man-repelling clothing, but um who needs men? I’d date her solely to get access to that wardrobe.


4. Eva Chen (Editor & Writer)

All white never fails. Add an eye-catching clutch (Eva’s has her name monogrammed on it) and your fashion week outfit can’t get any better.

5. Aimee Song (Blogger)

Ok so this may be slightly harder to imitate but hey, that doesn’t stop me from looking!

6. Susie Lau (Blogger)

The easiest way to grab some attention at fashion week is by wearing prints and colours. Susie Bubble knows this all too well!

7. Marta Ortiz & Anja Leuenberger (Models)

Leather + black never disappoints. Add a pop of red and ain’t nobody going to mess with you!


8. Sofia Sanchez de Betak (Creative Director)

One statement piece makes all the difference. For example, look at Sofia’s top…


And now take a closer look…

See what I mean?

9. Ece Sukan (Writer & Stylist)

It’s all about the colour block. Take inspiration from Ece to see how it’s done.


10. Dani Song (Hair stylist & Blogger)

Take Eva Chen’s basic white and give it a Dani Song upgrade. Sheer and sneakers clearly make for a fantastic combination!


Feeling inspired? I know, I can’t wait to make my versions of these looks! Which one will you try first?