Nicholas K at New York Fashion Week SS 16
Nicholas K at New York Fashion Week SS 16

It’s fashion week, again! This time, our eyes are locked on the runways at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016. While we’re all about the street expression, there is plenty to be inspired from during NYFW, especially during the spring showcase.

What’s in store for the summer? We’re listing out some of the coolest looks by the most cut-throat names in global fashion.

1. Desigual

Think bright colors and jarring prints. Now, throw them together in some casual classics like cut-offs denim shorts and cropped tops. And that’s what the Desigual show was about. The picture below is our stand-out look numero uno!

Desigual at New York Fashion Week SS16
Desigual at New York Fashion Week SS16

2. Skingraft

Skingraft added an expensively clean touch to a grunge and punk style story.  The style takeaway from the look below is how the label presented an alternative to wearing boxy cargo, by adding a fluid drapery and a simple black tee. The drama element of the outfit came with the statement jumbo boots. Pretty cool, right?

Skingraft New York Fashion Week SS16
Skingraft New York Fashion Week SS16

3. Ground Zero

I’m totally digging the ’80s reinvented look presented at the Ground Zero show. Stark rebel and punk elements were played with the earring in one ear while the crop top had asymmetrical sleeves. Broad, bright ribbon belts added a DIY kinda vibe to the look. All in all, it reminded me of Madonna‘s infamous look in the ’80s that took the world by storm.

A photo posted by Ground Zero Official (@ground_zero_official) on Sep 13, 2015 at 8:57 pm PDT

See what I mean?

Madonna's 80s street punk look
Madonna’s 80s street punk look

4. Victoria Beckham

Now you wouldn’t expect Victoria Beckham in a list like this. But here she is! Posh Spice presented this look in her show that was a visual treat for print-on-print and graphic fashion geeks!

5. Jeremy Scott

I added Jeremy Scott to the list even before I watched the show! I mean, runway shows couldn’t get more street than Scott. He presented an acid-pop version of the ’60s in his classic Jeremy Scott way.

6. Alexander Wang

And finally, we have a collection that rocked out on the runway. Alexander Wang presented a street stark collection by taking sport-luxe, biker, and vintage influences, but with his trademark high alternative energy.

7. Betsey Johnson

As a must mention, I have to talk about Betsey Johnson who, as always, ended her show by doing a cartwheel and a split on the runway! #BallerGrandmom!

So, there you have it. From a cartwheeling designer to re-inventing vintage classic, to a show that embodied the street in every shade, New York Fashion Week is clearly where street influences from all over came together in a celebration of style.

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