4 Real Women Talk About What Fashion Means To Them!

Rashmi Daryanani , 16 Sep 2015
MissMalini, Namrata Purohit, Sanjana Patel, Rouble Nagi
MissMalini, Namrata Purohit, Sanjana Patel, Rouble Nagi

We all consume celebrity fashion on a daily basis, but at MissMalini HQ we’re also very interested in the fashion of “real” people – how various people from different walks of life express themselves through their daily style. Which is why we’re loving VERO MODA’s new campaign, called “Real Women, Real Styles.” Through a series of four videos, they’ve explored how different women from different professions project their style as being a major contribution in their successful journeys. These four women are artist and sculpturist Rouble Nagi, celebrity Pilates trainer Namrata Purohit, chef Sanjana Patel and our very own Malini Agarwal.

Take a look at the videos below:

My personal sense of style is comfort.

If I feel comfortable, I will wear it.

My personal sense of style is casual. I don’t like to wear something that’s too revealing.

My sense of style is girly and fun and comfortable – I feel the most confident when I’m comfortable.

Clearly, many women believe that fashion is about being comfortable. What do you think?

This post is in partnership with VERO MODA.

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