7 Street-Style Photos From Burning Man 2015 That Will Make You Feel Hot Instantly

Jeanne D'souza , 16 Sep 2015

After Coachella and Tomorrowland, festival-goers turned to Burning Man 2015. Located in Black Rock City, Nevada, the cult festival was off the hook! Featuring artist from all over the globe, Black Rock was taken by storm. Although it’s situated in the middle of the desert, each and every attendee paid close attention to what they wore. We saw a wide spectrum of trends and here are a few you need to check out..

1. Less is more

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Several days ago I returned from my third year at Burning Man, and I still feel like a piece of me is floating through the dust out there in the middle of nowhere. Each year I am stunned into a state of silence and awe. I want to share my experience, but I find myself at a loss for words and I know that as soon as I attempt to explain it, a little piece of the magic is lost. Some things simply can’t be communicated. They must be felt and lived. Words can only serve as invitations to go and feel the ineffable for yourself. I selfishly want to hold that beautiful magic close to my heart and let it penetrate just a little deeper. I realize that I’m not prepared for the inevitable questions about what I witnessed and felt. It’s always too much and I simply want to be with the “too-muchness” of it all and let it permeate through my heart because that is the only place where it seems to make perfect sense. But I also know that it can never really be kept to myself. It becomes a part of me and transforms me from the inside out just like every powerful experience does when we allow it to. It changes me. It opens me up to beauty and creativity and connection in a way that I didn't know was possible. It blows my mind and melts my heart and makes every cell in my body dance. It touches a place deep within me that is so in love with simply being alive. No I can't really explain it, but that's ok. I feel it inside of me, and I know it's there to stay. And that is more than enough. #burningman2015

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2. Accessorising was not taken lightly

3. People made sure they got creative

4. They didn’t leave out all their diamonds & glitter

5. Yes, there were diamonds, but there was also some fishnet involved

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Best dance moment!! Thank you #pinkmammoth #burningman @lindakovic

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6. The men believed, “bare is beautiful”, and we have no complaints!

7. What I’m wondering is, what is Cara Delevingne doing in ALL those clothes?

Tell us what you think in the comments below. What would you put together as your festival look?

Until next time – Shine bright Burning Man!

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