Whoa! This Married Actor Declared His Love For His Ex-Girlfriend On Twitter!

Shreemi Verma , 16 Sep 2015
Guess Who
Guess Who

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev made one of the best-looking couples in the entertainment industry. Sadly, this fan-favorite couple couldn’t last and Ian recently got married to Nikki Reed. Last night, though, the actor took Twitter by storm by tweeting THIS.

Source: Twitter @iansomerhaldernet

Whoaaa! But before we start speculating about Ian and Nina’s reunion, sources at Just Jared confirmed that the actor’s account had been hacked. The said hacker later tweeted “I am so sorry” around 20 minutes after declaring his love for Nina and decided to reveal its identity by tweeting this – “hacked by @clou9nin3”. Then there were tweets about Mr. Robot being a fantastic TV series and other random things, but honestly the best tweet from the hacked account was this…

Source: Twitter @TVD_Season_7

The actor soon got hold of his account again and deleted all proof of this unfortunate hack.

Good morning, Ian!

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