Love my Off the Street Dress.. Thanks Marv!!
Love my off-the-street dress.. thanks Marv!!

One of the most important things for me is learning to “work my closet” – it’s taught me to learn how to wear the pieces in my closet in multiple ways. Figuring out how to do that helps me get more use out of my closet without having to buy more clothes.

That being said, it’s great when you find that one piece that you can “literally” wear 3 different ways. My best friend, business partner and the cheese to my macaroni, Marvin D’souza, was outsourcing for clothes and street shopping on Hill Road when he picked out this beautiful printed dress. I remember being in Hyderabad for a show and he took a picture and sent it to me saying, “I bought an insane dress for you.” And it totally lived up to my expectations.

I tried it on at home and played around with it and realised that this dress is a genius. I knew that I had to blog about it and show you guys how this dress can be styled in 3 amazing different ways.

Look 1

How this dress actually fits when i put it on.
How this dress actually fits when I put it on.

The silhouette of this dress is baggy, and I knew Marv loved that about it when he bought it for me – he knows how I love dressing up like a Hobo. 😛 But seriously, I love baggy clothes, but they still need to have character. And this printed beauty totally does. So I wore it the way it was, with a pair of my Adidas Original sneeks and earrings. I would wear this to brunch or even a low-key dinner party with friends.

Look 2

Baggy dress + Flared denims = perfection!
Baggy dress + Flared denims = perfection!

So a lot of street style stars and bloggers I follow on Instagram have been wearing their dresses with jeans. I, for one, haven’t tried this trend before. I honestly don’t know what made me put these two together, but it totally works! I know – I’m as surprised as you are. I think that’s why we need to play around with the clothes in our closet more often – you never know what combination will blow your mind.

One of the best things about this dress is that it has these two rope-like ties on each side. I tucked a little bit of the dress into my jeans and tied the rope into a bow in the front. I don’t wear a lot of accessories, but this dress just makes me want to accessorise, and this big ring and handcuff were meant to be.

A detailed shot of the front rope tie and of course my ring and cuff.
A detailed shot of the front rope tie and, of course, my ring and cuff.

Look 3

A little bit of an adjustment and I'm ready to party.
A little bit of an adjustment and I’m ready to party.

Switched my sandals into my favourite pair of Nine West heels, taken the rope tie from the front to the back and, of course, no denims. The tie at the back makes the dress fit my body like a dream and I love the length of this dress – makes it look a bit formal but still super cute. I would style the dress like this if I had a dinner date to go on or a night out.

Closer look at the rope tie at the back.
Closer look at the rope tie at the back.

I’m all about versatility (let’s be honest I wore the same denims all summer long and this dress is taking its place), so I always look for pieces that I can wear the crap out of in unique and different ways. I do really have to give credit to Marv for his amazing eye when it comes to street shopping and picking out things I love. Thanks, Marv – you should totally be a stylist! (Just in case you didn’t get the joke, he is a stylist and dresses up MissMalini like a dream.)

Do you have a dress that can be transformed and do you style it in different ways? We would love to see the way you style and put together a look. So take a picture and send it to us on or #BandraRoad on any social media and we would love to feature you on our Instagram page. For more tips, tricks and styling hacks follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.