Check Out Instagram’s Hilarious Reactions to Kanye West’s NYFW Show!

Mahak Jain , 18 Sep 2015
Khloe, North, Kim, Kendall, & Kourtney at Kanye's Show (Instagram | @kimkardashian)
Khloe, North, Kim, Kendall, & Kourtney at Kanye’s Show (Instagram | @kimkardashian)

Yesterday, Kanye West showcased Yeezy Season 2, the newest addition to the star’s fashion line, to a star-studded audience. This is one instance where pictures definitely speak louder than words so it’s probably best to take a look for yourselves:

Instagram | @sarahmcdonagh_
Instagram | @yeezyseason2
Instagram | @kimkardashian

“Ummm…what in the world?!”  Yup, our thoughts exactly!! While I’m at a loss for words to even begin commenting on this collection, the Instagram community has taken its reactions to another level. Every other person out there has taken a run at Kanye, posting memes embodying their reactions.

1. The ones where Jay-Z was all “WTF?!?!”

2. Well, maybe he was going for zombie chic?

3. May the force be with you

4. Straight from the movie sets to the runway…”12 Years A Slave”

5. The new #toocoolforschool look

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And the icing on the cake? The bizarre video that Chris Brown posted, featuring Caitlyn Jenner, Kanye West, and Jay-Z:

Who knew fashion week could take such a comical twist? Although, here’s to hoping Chris hasn’t made himself some powerful enemies!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store for Yeezy Season 3; we’ve got plenty of suggestions if you’re wondering ;-)

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