The Reality Of Live-In Relationships! #LoveBytes

Swagata Dam , 18 Sep 2015

Chandler and Monica

Love is a beautiful feeling. Sometimes it’s fleeting and sometimes it ends up lasting forever. But no matter how short or long the duration of a relationship is, it is bound to change you in more ways than one. Well, you might say that you heart your partner just the way he/she is and don’t want that person to change EVER. How cute! If only it was true. Maybe it did happen back in the day. But the current generation is a tad too selfish to be in a selfless bond.


Call it evolution or just growing up together – we all embrace change sooner or later in order to blend in with our partner’s necessities and expectations. Though I am currently single, I have got a lot of friends who fill me in about their romantic relationships on a regular basis. While they do complain about a bunch of things, most of them also gush about their lovers quite often. A platter of love with a pinch of practicality and some mush make for the perfect relationship. But unfortunately, the honeymoon phase often dies down when two individuals move in together. And suddenly, the list of things you wish to change about your bae begins to increase with each passing day. Everything starts to seem increasingly annoying.


Having said that, moving in with your loved one also has its set of pros. Though the concept of live-in relationships is rather new in our country, it’s gradually catching up amongst the working urban class. Boon or bane? No one has a definite answer as of now. But SonyLIV’s #LoveBytes rightly encapsulates the bittersweet essence of a live-in relationship in India. The story of Abhishek and Ananya is heart-touching and oh-so-real. Check out these four episodes of the show that have aired so far.

Episode 1 – When Abhishek & Ananya Fight Over The Topic Of Marriage…

Episode 2 – When Abhi Invites His ‘Girl Friend’ To Stay With Him Without Asking His ‘Girlfriend’

Episode 3 – When Ananya’s Facebook Status Annoys Abhi…


Episode 4 – When Ananya Plans A Surprise Dinner For Abhi!

Isn’t Abhi and Ananya’s journey rather intriguing?

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