“It Is 75% Real And 25% Fiction” – Avani Modi On Playing A Pakistani Model In Calendar Girls

“It Is 75% Real And 25% Fiction” – Avani Modi On Playing A Pakistani Model In Calendar Girls

Joginder Tuteja
Avani Modi
Avani Modi | Source: avanimodi.com

The day of reckoning is almost here for Avani Modi. After promoting the film extensively for over a month now, the team of Calendar Girls is now eagerly awaiting the release of the film this Friday. With as many as five new girls being launched with his latest offering, filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar has turned over a new page in his career after working with superstars leading ladies like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut to name a few.

Now that the D-Day is arriving, newcomer Avani is certainly keeping her fingers crossed, especially since she has the responsibility of playing the controversial part of a Pakistani model.

“Madhur shared with me quite a few anecdotes around Pakistani models so that I could get the part right,” says Avani, “The entire subject is based on a real-life incident and hence my part is 75% real and 25% fiction. That said, I am not enacting the character of any particular person. I was told to observe a few Pakistani models so that I could learn more about the character.”

Coming from a theater background, Avani knew how to get into the psyche of the character. However, since the part was that of a young woman from across the border, she had to get the nuances, mannerisms, body language and diction right.

“I had to research a lot on how a Pakistani model talks and walks,” she adds, “YouTube was certainly a good source. Then I also saw quite a few videos of personalities from Pakistan who have acted in films, TV shows and music videos. I read a lot about their life journey which was pretty helpful too.”

Well, we would like to see how Avani’s journey as an actress in Bollywood shapes up once the film releases all over this Friday.