The Real Reason Your #ArmParty Needs A Serious Intervention

Anushka Mulchandani , 23 Sep 2015

The cops came in and broke up your favourite arm-party, and no one got so much as a memo! Confused? Flashback to three years ago when you couldn’t wait to add yet another sparkling bracelet to your already inch-thick stack. It would move to the front of the pack until a new one would replace it. You had them colour coded and added in metallics to give your stack an edge. Deepika Padukone was a pro at it and so was every fashion blogger and editor. You went as far as to ignore the rest of your accessories, to favour the trend and #armparty made it to your Instagram every time your stack was on fleek.

Still looks pretty, right? So what happened? If you ask me, no one could handle the fuss anymore. It looked great, but how many times did it get stuck in your hair, pull on the little arm hair or just clang and make noise when you least needed it to? Not to mention the effort of putting them on every day – that’s 3 minutes of the 15 you take to get dressed in the first place. Before you mourn their death, the trend didn’t die completely. The party ended but the sleepover doesn’t have to.

Stick to two or three pieces at a time but don’t overdo it. Skinny bracelets are your new bffs and the arm-party has now become the arm-date (nope, that’s not a hashtag just yet). Still need more evidence? Bollywood found out before we did and they’re using their bracelets with discretion. The watch becomes the centre of attention and if necessary, a bracelet follows…

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone
Anushka Sharma

So now that you’re all clued in, what are you getting rid of first? The box full of colourful friendship bands from high school, or the chunky metallics you stocked up on from Colaba Causeway?

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