Here Are 5 Party Game Apps That'll Turn Your 'Regular' Party Into A Cool Party!

Shreemi Verma , 24 Sep 2015
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Let’s face it, we’re nothing without our phones, not even at parties. If we’re at a boring party, we usually scroll through Twitter or Facebook to entertain ourselves. If it’s a fun party then we’re busy clicking selfies for Instagram or Snapchat, know what I mean? But these are regular basic apps, if you’ve invited people over or if the party you’re at doesn’t have enough drunk (i.e fun) people, then download these 5 insanely fun party apps and proceed to become the coolest person in the world.

1) Heads Up

HTC party game

You love charades, I love charades, everyone loves charades (including Ellen DeGeneres, who BTW swears by this app) and we all know that the best way to get a party started is by playing this age-old game. So just get this app and throw a party!

2) Spin the bottle

Spin the bottle

Oldie but a goldie, and a must in every house party!

3) Taboo


Friendships have been destroyed with this game. But you have true friends, you can withstand this.

4) Kings



5) Truth or Dare

Truth or dare
truth or dare

If you don’t play truth or dare at least once, are you guys even friends? Are you?

So download these fun apps on Google Play immediately and get the party started!

This post is in partnership with HTC.

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