This Alia Bhatt Fan Is Doing Everything He Can To Get Her Attention - Yes, EVERYTHING!

Aayushi Bhargava , 24 Sep 2015
Alia Bhatt (Source |
Alia Bhatt (Source |

Who doesn’t adore Alia Bhatt? She’s the perfect combination of cute, simple and sexy. Of course, she has a million crazy fans, and while some of us are just happy being those distant fans, who appreciate her and her work from afar, there are some who wish to get REALLY close to her.

Meet B.P. Chaubey, an ardent Alia Bhatt parody account on Twitter, that will stop at nothing to grab his beloved’s attention.

First of all, his Twitter bio goes something like this:

Source: Twitter | @bpchaube
Source: Twitter | @bpchaube

He can make the most FLAWLESS edits…

He is quite protective of her as well…


He will not let anything bog him down!

He’s deep.

Very deep!

He is trying to be as liberal as he can…

He has what we could call Bollywood movie syndrome! (Because NO doesn’t mean NO.)

Like we said, his edits are flawless…

He wishes to impress her with his Kabaddi skills…

BTW, they also party together!

However, like an ideal lover, he totally understands her…

Mr. Chaube, whoever you are, we hope your dreams come true someday!

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