Jay Sean,  Juggy D, And Rishi Rich Are Coming Through With Freak!

Jay Sean, Juggy D, And Rishi Rich Are Coming Through With Freak!

Kanika Monga
The Rishi Rich Project - FREAK
The Rishi Rich Project – FREAK

Call your crew because Jay Sean, Juggy D, and Rishi Rich are coming through with their newest single, Freak!

More than a decade since the release of Dance With You (Nachna Tere Naal), Jay Sean, Juggy D, and Rishi Rich are making a comeback! When the pioneer of Indian-RnB music, RnB’s heartthrob, and the king of Punjabi lyrics join forces the magic is inevitable. The song was released yesterday through iTunes and other digital music stores. If you haven’t gotten a hold of the song, go RIGHT NOW. What makes the trio amazing is that they love their fans and they are always willing to go the extra mile for them. When asked to do an exclusive interview for ya’ll, they were down, down, down… hehe.

How did this collaboration materialize?

Juggy D: It was inevitable. We’ve shared incredible experiences and toured the world together sharing great memories. It was bound to happen. NOW just happened to be the right time.

Rishi Rich: This had been on our mind for a while. The three of us just needed to be able to commit. We actually started working on it two years ago in London, and we just finished it in Atlanta 2 months ago.

Jay Sean: We were on a group message, and it hit us that it had been 10 years since Dance With You. So we decided it was time for all of us to do a tribute for the fans. This song has been one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in all my time writing and recording, getting back in the studio with my best friends, my brothers, to do something special for our fans after over a decade, so much laughter and fun in the process. I hope our fans enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it.

Most people in the industry fall apart, but you three have only grown closer. What’s the secret?

Jay Sean: We are family. It’s all about brotherhood. There is never any ego or animosity. We are genuinely happy for each other. What ends up tearing people apart is jealousy, and we haven’t had that despite the distance.

Juggy D: We’ve spent so much time on the road and have become family. It’s like having those family members that you grow close to even though you are in different parts of the world.

Rishi Rich: When we originally got together we were just 3 friends from West London wanting to make music, we didn’t realize the impact it would have. The Rishi Rich Project really shaped all 3 of us in perfecting our craft. The chemistry we have when we get together in the studio is pure magic and we have a lot of fun. We are like brothers, always have been and always will be. Working on Freak was amazing. It’s hard to find artists who are really tuned into each other’s skills and bring the best out of each other.

Re-making of the Rishi Rich Project #RRPFreak
Re-making of the Rishi Rich Project #RRPFreak

It’s been more than a decade, what’s changed?

Rishi Rich: We have developed so much more experience. We have become skilled at what we do. We know what sounds right, and know exactly what we want.

Jay Sean: We are still silly and have fun. If anything, we act even more stupid when we are together. What we believe is that if we aren’t smiling, and enjoying while making music how do we expect the audience to? Our goal is to inject life into our projects.

Juggy D: We’ve grown a lot over the years. We are all doing well solo. We have great energy when we are together. Even though we live in different parts of the world, our goal was to bring that energy back.

Describe Freak.

Juggy D: Sexy club song. The lyrics are clean, but it’s just a very sexy song.

Rishi Rich: Sexy.

Jay Sean: Dark and Sexy. It will also make you want to dance. It’s difficult to make a dark song that makes you want to dance. You will have to hear it to understand what I mean.

If not music, what would you be doing?

Jay Sean: I would be a doctor. I was in medical school before I decided to pursue music full time.

Juggy D: I would be a chef. I love cooking, and I used to own a kebab hut. I still think that I may someday own a restaurant.

Throwback pic of the trio
Throwback pic of the trio

What message do you have for loyal Rishi Rich Project Fans?

Rishi Rich: It’s been great to have such great fans. The Indian-fusion RnB scene was so organic. I remember going to clubs and seeing South Asians jam to RnB and I wondered what would happen if they had their own music to dance to. It was just an idea I had and now it is its own genre. My goal is to develop new talent because that is the only way to keep the industry growing. I can’t thank the fans enough for the excitement and support. I always try to retweet all their messages.

Jay Sean: Our fans have seen us grow from being kids to men. When they listen to the song, they’ll realize that we all grew up together. I hope that it brings lots of excitement and sentiments. I hope this song takes the fans back to a decade ago and they are able to recall what they were doing when they listened to Dance With You. Whether it was a crush or a first relationship, I hope it reminds them of sweet memories. We really wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our fans. We are only around until our fans are around.

Juggy D: It is absolutely overwhelming how much support and love we have gotten. I’d like to tell the fans that the video for this song is for them. They will spot themselves in it. It is really our way of saying thank you for all the incredible love and support they’ve given us. I absolutely can’t wait for it to come out next week. The key is that no matter what you do, do it with passion, have fun, and enjoy. It is extremely important to connect with people. The fans really supported Dance With You and I think they’ll love this new vibe. Loved working with my brothers again we just about to turn up the FREAK-UENCY!

Man, the trio is seriously the greatest group of guys out there. We wish them the best of luck for Freak, and they’ve promised us that fans will “absolutely not have to wait for 10 more years for another collaboration.” I cannot wait to watch the video! I don’t know about you, but all of this excitement has transported me back to the times when my brother and I would watch Jay and Juggy D’s hilarious Borat and Barbershop home videos. If you guys are reading, can we also have more home videos? Thanks. Wow. Time flies. #RRPFreak