This Beautiful Short Film Will Make You Crave A Heartfelt Conversation With Your Parents #HappyDaughtersDay

Swagata Dam , 27 Sep 2015
Happy Daughter's Day!
Happy Daughter’s Day!

Some celebrated Daughter’s Day yesterday, some are celebrating it today. But most of us celebrate it every single day. Every single time you sit with your parents and hear their nostalgic stories… Each time you get that call of your concerned dad when you are late from work… Each time you relish your maa ke haath ka khana – you are celebrating this beautiful parent-daughter bond.

This short film written and directed by Jugal Raja starring Disha Takhur and Sunil Thapa (the boxing coach from Mary Kom), captures that equation rather beautifully. Watch!

I’m sure you are craving a long heartfelt conversation with your mom and dad after watching this one. Sometimes, it’s not about the cakes and the cards but the unadulterated emotions and relationships that make us who we are. Happy Daughter’s Day!

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