Ouch! Priyanka Chopra's Own Channel Confuses Her For Another Indian Actress

Rashmi Daryanani , 29 Sep 2015

We have yet to see Priyanka Chopra‘s Quantico interview on ABC Nightline, but in case you’re in the US and managed to catch it live, then you may have noticed that she looked, uh, different in some of her flashback shots. If you were wondering why, well… it’s because it was a different person entirely! It seems like, during the interview, Nightline wanted to show some shots of Priyanka winning the Miss World title, except they actually showed footage of Yukta Mookhey (remember her?). Yukta won the title a year before PC did, back in 1999. The girls over at High Heel Confidential spotted this during the telecast and tweeted about it:

Priyanka retweeted it too, simply saying ‘Lol!’

Ouch. Pretty silly mistake, considering Nightline is an ABC property, as is Quantico. Someone’s getting fired today…

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