This Is How Alia Bhatt Feels After Her Extreme Weight Loss

Aayushi Bhargava , 29 Sep 2015

A lot has been spoken and written about Alia Bhatt‘s intense weight loss over the years ever since she made her debut in Student Of The Year. There is no denying that she has clearly shed a lot of kilos. We’ve also heard about how she has been falling sick and fainting on sets.

Alia was talking with Hindustan Times when she was asked if people tell her how much weight she’s lost, she said,

You are the eighth person to tell me that. Yes, I have lost weight. As a matter of fact, some people are even saying that I have lost too much, so I am getting a little worried now (smiles). I feel this is all a result of my detoxification spree. Plus, I have also been working out and training really hard. But I guess it’s good since clothes look better on me now.

Ah well, apart from the worrisome part, all us weight-strugglers certainly wish to feel that way one day.

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