7 'Regular' Things That'll Definitely Put You In The Mood For Some Good Ol' Lovin! #LoveBytes

Shreemi Verma , 01 Oct 2015
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Lust is one of the most important aspects of a relationship, if there isn’t enough physical attraction between the couple then I really don’t think the love will last for a long time, right? But very often we concentrate on too many things to get the ‘mood’ right and sometimes they don’t work. Here’s a list of 7 very regular things (which don’t require too much hard work) that’ll definitely put you in the mood for some good lovin’!

1) A good movie

Erotic Movies
Erotic Movies

We have two lists of erotic movies just for you! Pick any and get on with it.

2) Fun conversation

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Words can do much more than expensive gifts. Talk and listen, talk about things you love, things that inspire you and definitely talk about how attractive you find your partner!

3) Rains!

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I mean duh! Nothing works better than getting wet in the rain with your partner. Don’t you notice how most couples (from Bombay at least) head to Lonavla as soon as the clouds start getting grey? Rains and romance is truly a heady mix.

4) If it’s been a while

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I mean if it’s been a while, then anything will get you hot. Amirite?

5) Aphrodisiacs

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Strawberries and champagne! If you don’t have the money then cheap white wine will do too!

6) Alcohol

Helen (Source | giphy.com}
Source | Giphy.com}

Alcohol makes you lose the inhibitions you might have, making it easier to be comfortable with your body. Only don’t go overboard because you might throw up all over your partner. That can’t be pretty!

7) Erotic books

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We’ve written a list of the books to read as well! See, we really want you to get laid.

Which is your favorite point? Mine is definitely the rains. Abhi and Ananya (from our favorite web series – Love Bytes) are in agreement too. Want to know what happens when they get wet in the Mumbai rains? Find out, this Thursday!

To watch all the episodes, simply visit their website, for more details follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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