Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Talks About Breaking Traffic Rules Amongst Many Other Things!

Shreemi Verma , 07 Oct 2015
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Irrfan Khan recently appeared on Malishka‘s show M Bole Toh on Hotstar. The actors were quite candid and gave some nice insight into their lives, some things not many would normally know. Check out some of the best things Ash and Irrfan said in this interview –

On her weight gain –

When Malishka spoke about being overweight while hosting a radio show and the struggle to lose all those extra kilos, Aishwarya replied – Uss naav mein main bhi reh chuki hoo!

On ‘concentrated tobacco’ –

Malishka then continued to speak to Irrfan about a paan shop in Ajmer and the hypnotic kimam from Jaipur. Aishwarya admitted that she hasn’t tried it so Irrfan took it upon himself to explain what kimam is – it’s a concentrated version of tobacco, to which Ash said – Yeh lo!
P.S – According to various sites on the Interwebs, kimam is a purified form of tobacco used for nervous system stimulus like cocaine. Interesting!

On actors who don’t experiment with their roles –

Irrfan spoke about an actor who was number 1 that time. When the actor was asked why he didn’t try his hand in something else other than his established genre, he replied – Jab gaadi chal rahi ho na, toh bonnet utha ke dekhna nahi chahiye. Malishka and Irrfan then said how ridiculous this thought was and how doing a variety of roles is the key to being a good actor.

On Aishwarya’s fitness regime (or the lack of it) –

Malishka asked Ash about her fitness regime and the actress was like – I wish I did something, I barely do anything (when it comes to exercise)

On the curious case of the Bachchans and their newspaper –

Aishwarya revealed the systematic way the Bachchans read the newspapers every morning. When the paper arrives, every family member has a slip where their initials are written, when they’re done reading, they have to tick near their names and pass it on to the ones who haven’t read the papers. As Malishka put it – Ab tumhare hawale paper saathiyo!

On a ‘gold’ bed at the Bachchan household –

When asked if the Bachchans have a ‘sone ka palang‘ (a bed made of gold), Irrfan remarked that bed toh sone ke liye hota hai, khade hone ke liye palang kyu chahiye? He then said that ‘gold ka palang hota, then they wouldn’t get sleep‘. Truer words never spoken.

On the lack of Aishwarya on social media –

Ash opened up on not being on social media as initially people were obsessed with how many likes or followers a celebrity had and she doesn’t see the need to be validated by numbers.

On games Irrfan and his wife would play –

Irrfan very cutely said that when he was struggling to be in films, he and his wife would play this game where he’d say ‘Aaj Subhash Ghai ka phone aaya’ and she’d humor him. Now, his kids chide him for refusing Christopher Nolan‘s movie! #StartedFromTheBottomAndNowWeAreHere

Malishka then played her version of ‘never have I ever’ where they said these cool things –

Ash admitted to never having roamed around her home wearing pajamas hair with uncombed hair, she hasn’t even gone two days without a shower (she’s just like me see).

When asked if she’s broke a traffic rule she said next question. (mistress of diplomacy)

When asked if she’s abused someone, she said next question. (heehee)

When asked if she’s ever lost an argument with Abhishek, she nodded sadly and said – Always!

When asked if Irrfan snores, he said he can snore anytime anywhere!

When asked if Irrfan has been propositioned by a lady in Hollywood, he slyly admitted that he has!

Catch the entire interview here.

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