Guess Who: This Talented Actor Has Taken An Affinity Towards Alcohol

Shreemi Verma , 10 Oct 2015
Guess Who
Guess Who?

Here’s a blind item that was originally published in Mid-Day, it’s about a talented actor, often touted as one of the most promising actors in the industry. Due to a string of hits, good looks and talent it was expected that he’d be ruling the roost.

But apparently he has started taking things too casually. He is reportedly too busy chugging his drinks (and maybe a few substances stronger than that) to care about where his career is going. The recent setbacks in his personal life might have contributed to his erratic behaviour, but even then, people are surprised that this dedicated actor has let things go.

On the sets of his next film, the director, crew and other actors have to wait hours for him to arrive for his shot, leading to frustration and discontent. While the producer is chewing his nails over financial losses, the director is unhappy about the unnecessary delay in his project. According to a source, the cast mostly comprises newcomers, so they have no choice but to shoot as per the main actor’s whims and fancies.

We’re finding this rather hard to crack? Who do you think this talented actor is?

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