TV Actresses Nia Sharma & Reyhna Malhotra React To The Hoopla Regarding Their Kissing Photo!

Shreemi Verma , 10 Oct 2015
Nia Sharma
Source: Twitter @Theniasharma

TV actresses Nia Sharma and Reyhna Malhotra created quite a stir due to the latter posting a picture of the two kissing on social media. The now infamous photo is being shared everywhere (not just photos, even videos titled – HOT KISS are being created on the Internet because that’s how the world is).

nia sharma
Source: Twitter @Hannahnix12345

Unperturbed by the hoopla, Nia spoke to Bombay Times about the picture –

Come on! What’s the big deal about the kiss. We kiss each other every single day. We could choke each other to death with our hugs. There is nothing wrong or vulgar about it. It’s not a publicity stunt either. I’m single and this is how I’m as a friend to my girlfriends. I don’t mingle easily and if I’m someone’s friend, we will be all over each other. I don’t know why people are making a mountain out of a molehill.

Rehyna added –

We didn’t even think anything. It was a fun picture, but the comments forced me to pull it down. It took us a while to become friends, but now we’re inseparable and she is my sister. I don’t want to give this undue importance as the intention wasn’t to grab eyeballs.

Okay then!

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