Bigg Boss 9: Of Snores, More Snores & Literally Nothing Else! #Day1

Bigg Boss 9: Of Snores, More Snores & Literally Nothing Else! #Day1

Priyam Saha
Arvind Vegda, Vikas Bhalla
Arvind Vegda, Vikas Bhalla

Day 1 has been diligently live-tweeted, you guys. Again, shout out to all those who joined!

I am not even kidding when I say that Day 1 of Bigg Boss 9 was particularly underwhelming. If the premiere night of Bigg Boss 9 could be called an episode that was strung together with Prince Narula‘s introduction video, Day 1 of the house was a series of snores – literally. Arvind Vegda and Vikas Bhalla snored very loudly at night. And the day was spent talking about how much the both of them snored.


1. The snores!

Arvind Vegda, Vikas Bhalla
Arvind Vegda, Vikas Bhalla

Arvind ji and Vikas’s snoring were da bomb! And Suyyash Rai made the best comment about it:

Light travels faster than sound… But sound travels too!

*Slow Clap*

2. The nominations!

The first nomination ki prakriya happened. Yup, shit just got real. Most of the inmates have been nominated, though!

3. The Rimi Sen

Rimi Sen
Rimi Sen

Can we take a second to talk about the fact that Rimi Sen woke up with makeup on? I feel Rimi is going to be a major surprise package in the coming weeks! She actually said:

Main sochke aayi thhi show scripted hai!


Mujhe laga canteen se khana aaega!


4. The Couple Love

Mandana Karimi, Keith Sequeira
Mandana Karimi and Keith Sequeira

Rochelle Rao is already getting slightly worked up about boyfriend Keith Sequeira‘s closeness to his partner Mandana Karimi! What can I tell you except that it was only a matter of time…

5. The Ex-Factor

Roopal Tyagi, Ankit Gera
Roopal Tyagi, Ankit Gera

For someone who claims to not hold a grudge, Roopal Tyagi has a lot to say about ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera! She even nominated him! I like her, though.

6. The #BB9 viewing party

Yup, I actually hosted a Bigg Boss viewing party at home.

7. The snores part deux

Has any other Bigg Boss season has such a snoring issue in the past?

8. The Prince plan

Prince Narula
Prince Narula

Prince Narula‘s master plan involves Rochelle, Keith, Mandana and him sticking together till the end. Yay or nay?

Did you think Day 1 was quite dull? Tell me in the comments below!