Gentlemen, Let Upen Patel Show You How To Rock The 'No Socks' Look!

Upen Patel , 12 Oct 2015

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Upen Patel
Upen Patel

You will catch me in a lot of jeans and trousers that bare my ankles, and give the appearance of wearing shoes without socks – which is a strong trend right now. But so many of you ask me how it’s supposed to be done.Well, it’s quite simple, the first rule is to only appear sockless, do not actually put your shoes on bare feet; it will only lead to athlete’s foot and fungal infections.

Upen Patel Pro Tip
Upen Patel Pro Tip

Here are a few tips for pulling off this look, without creating sweaty, smelly feet in the process.

Invisible socks

Invisible socks are the key to the sock-less look. They provide comfort, reduce the likelihood of smell, infection or general unpleasantness and stop your shoes from rubbing on your bare skin. They are available at most fashion retailers, the thickness and style depend entirely on your preferences, and you will be the only person who knows you’re wearing them, so let them make you happy!

Ankle Appearance

There’s no point in flashing the flesh if it’s not up to standards. Make sure that you are moisturising and taking general care of your skin, so that your sock-less look isn’t tarnished by flaky, dry, or red skin.

The Right Trousers

We’ve all seen the fashion spreads with David Beckham sporting narrow-legged trousers and baring his ankle flesh. But unless you’re a model with a team who cater to your ankle’s every need, you probably aren’t going to pull this look off with ease. I recommend straight-cut trousers, to flash, just a little ankle.

The Timing

Before deciding to brave the bare ankle look, think carefully about the setting and the timing. At fashionable events, you can get away with this look but maybe the big meeting with your boss is not the time to try it.

The Amount

Be cautious with the amount of ankle you show. The aim is to tease a hint of flesh, not to wear shoes, no socks and three-quarter-length trousers. This will not create a good look unless you are an actual surfer about to hit the beach. Keep your trouser lengths appropriate and wear shoes that actually cover your feet. No sandals!!

Now that you’ve mastered the no sock look, don’t miss my next Menswear Monday post! I’ve got more style tips coming up!


Upen Patel

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