Mercedes Benz India Makes Its Most Stylish Statement Till Date With Amazing News For Everyone!

Devanshi Kapadia , 20 Oct 2015
Amar Sheth, Bhavna Jasra, Krsna Mehta
Tanya Deol
Sheena Sippy
Ekta Raheja, Nisha Jamwal
Krsna Mehta

Aman and Charishma Sheth‘s Shaman Wheels dealership just collaborated with the Gateway School and celebrity designer, Krsna Mehta! Yeah, it all sounds a little confusing, but it’s actually one of the best collaborations between auto technology, art, and charity.

Here’s how: Shaman Wheels’ Mercedes-Benz showroom in Churchgate held a fun little soiree over the weekend, on Saturday night. They introduced us to all the #ArtAroundUs, basically, a bunch of Mercedes-Benz cars (GLA, CLA, & E-Cabriolet) covered in the most vibrant prints. This art has been designed by special needs children of The Gateway School and then, have been curated by Krsna Mehta in his signature style. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

These cars will be available to lucky luxury and car enthusiasts for just Rs 5,000. All you’ve got to do is register with Shaman Wheels, whiz your one-of-a-kind car around town, and the proceeds will go to the development of The Gateway School, Mumbai.

How cool is that? Search the hashtag, #ArtAroundUs, on social media for more information.

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